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Navigating Pandemic Challenges for Housing Stability

Gary, a single father and business owner, faced COVID-19’s impact on his livelihood and housing. Struggling with rent arrears and potential eviction, he sought assistance from Housing Is Your Right. Through the intervention of Housing Is Your Right, Gary’s outstanding rent was resolved, a relocation fee secured, and his son’s education ensured. With our support, we helped preserved Gary’s business, his home, and his son’s education during challenging times.

their story

Gary is a single father that runs his own company, built up from the ground after he saw a need for plant based nutrition counseling. Though like many of us, he was deeply affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and his professional and personal life took a hit.

His business needed to shut down as he took on the role of a teacher, playmate, provider for his 9 year-old son and unable to afford childcare. On top of that he was 11 months behind rent which amounted to $28,500. With nowhere to turn, Gary called Housing is Your Right.

course of action

Upon receiving Gary’s case, Housing Is Your Right promptly took action, guiding Gary through his housing rights during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The ultimate goal of this case was to alleviate the stress produced by the COVID-19 pandemic and all that comes with being a business owner, but most importantly a single father.

Gary’s housing provider was in the process of obtaining a $28,500 judgment against him, which is a significant step preceding eviction. Such a judgment would not only have negatively affected Gary’s credit score, but also hindered his chances of securing future housing for himself and his son.

The instability in housing, particularly during the pandemic, directly impacted his son’s education, making virtual learning nearly impossible without a stable home environment.


Thanks to the intervention of Housing Is Your Right, Gary was able to secure the $28,500 in back payments owed to his housing provider.

Furthermore, through skillful negotiations, we secured a relocation fee of $39,000, enabling Gary to upgrade his housing situation and strengthen his support system.


As a result of this successful intervention, Gary now possesses the necessary tools to rebuild his business.
His son can continue his education without disruption, ensuring a promising future. Without the assistance of Housing Is Your Right, Gary would have faced the loss of his business, home, and the potential for his son to receive a quality education.

Overall, Housing Is Your Right played a vital role in alleviating the housing-related challenges faced by Gary during the COVID-19 pandemic. By securing the necessary financial support and advocating for his rights, Gary’s stability and prospects have significantly improved.